Over the years, the ability of our habitats to sustain life in the long term has been diminished to a point lower than any in planet earth’s lifetime. We believe that ecological and conservation efforts will allow us to see new opportunities for us to restore our lost landscapes whereby:

  • There is an expanding network of wild forests supporting improved biodiversity, soil quality, water absorption and climate regulation.
  • A greater diversity of wildlife is thriving, including key species such as red squirrel and beaver.
  • Natural processes are understood and valued, and are shaping significant parts of our landscape, providing tangible benefits to a wide range of people.
  • Extensive areas of land have been restored and are hosting a full complement of wildlife species.
  • Farmland is utilised better for both wildlife and eco-tourism, including sustainable nesting and hunting grounds for owls & raptors.
  • Vibrant communities are thriving by integrating their economic and social needs with the long-term restoration of species and habitats.
  • Younger generations are reconnecting with nature and outdoor play to breed a new generation of conservationist & ecologist.

We have a vision for rewilding UK and reintroduction of our native species, meaning we work with local authorities, landowners and conservationists to plan, develop and launch: eco-tourism, rewilding pilot projects, ecology and consultation services.

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