Our ‘wilder’ vision sees UK rewild it’s landscapes, utilise our farmlands better via eco-tourism & land management, highlight concerns of habitat loss and reintroduce of our native species. Raising awareness to our authorities, development corporations and landowners is vital for everybody to see the benefits of how rewilding our county will not only improve our wildlife but also our economy and social needs as humans.

We achieve this with several services such as:

  • Ecology surveys and reporting.
  • Wildlife habitat & reintroduction consultation and development.
  • Eco-tourism consultation & planning.
  • Land development & management of rewilding projects.
  • Campaigns for wildlife, such as sustainable nesting and hunting ground development on farmland.
  • Presentations, events and exploration trips to education and inspire UK residents.
  • Be a voice for nature in UK by attending local council meetings, development consultations and generally raising concerns and raising awareness for UK’s shrinking landscapes.

Chase Ecology is a fully independent ecological consultancy service based nationwide. With a skilled team of professional ecologists, offering a comprehensive level of services and cater for your planning solutions. Visit for more information.